24-Hour Emergency Tree Removal Service

Vanderbilt Tree Service caters to all your emergency tree removal needs no matter the time of the day.

In a time of emergency, especially when it involves trees and damaged properties, get in touch with us, and we will come to your doorstep in no time to provide no less than quality and efficient emergency tree removal. We have removed trees that pose a threat to life and property since our founding. Further, we can work hand in hand with your insurance provider to give you confidence that you get covered with the expenses. We have helped homeowners with their insurance claims and promise to keep improving our offerings for your satisfaction.

Uprooted Tree

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Vanderbilt Tree Service

  1. We’ve efficiently removed trees since 2011. We have been providing emergency tree removal long enough to know how to handle every difficult situation we can face. We can safely remove trees either using heavy equipment or climbing the tree using safety harnesses.
  2. We are insured, licensed, and bonded. We work closely with insurance companies to ensure our clients get their claims covered. Also, we are bonded, insured, and licensed to protect our customers.
  3. We are certified, arborists. We are not just your average landscapers, but we have spent time and energy to learn the principles and practical skills needed for emergency tree removal.
  4. We are true to our estimates. You don’t have to worry about hidden charges because whatever is written in our quote is what you need to pay.
  5. Our reviews. Get to know what our customers say about us here.
  6. We answer your calls promptly and help you through the process. We know you have real issues, that is why we make sure real people answer your calls and not by an answering machine. We do our best to explain what needs to be done so you have a clear understanding of what we will do in your yard.
  7. We deploy our team fast and finish the job quickly and safely. The moment we hang up, we immediately send our team to your house to get things done.

A tree just fell on my roof! Who should I call?

Often, insurance companies provide a national claims number to help you with the claims process. Some homeowners in their confusion call their agents when an emergency arises. However, agents are not necessarily the ones who can assist you in this situation. Although they sold the policy, it is not their responsibility to help you go through the claims process. Your insurance provider may ask you to go through the National number to get your claims. Besides, you can trust that the claims department is more familiar with all the necessary steps involved in getting a specific claim for your situation. When homeowners contact their agents, the process gets slower and less productive because the latter get overwhelmed with the number of calls they receive. When they pick-up, you might just be disappointed because they need to redirect you to the National claims department and go through the hassle again.

Over the years, we have found out that there are a significant number of claims due to tree damage. We will assist you in getting your claims every step of the way. We remove trees with the utmost care and efficiency and assure you that we will perform the job skillfully until the very end.

What Some of Our Emergency Tree Service Customers Say

“I woke up to an uprooted tree in my yard. It was hard for me since I don’t have any knowledge whatsoever in using tools like the chainsaw. Good thing I thought of Vanderbilt Tree Service and called them right away. Not more than an hour passed and they’re already in my yard. Their team is excellent to work with. They’re professional and made sure all my requests were met. They did well both in getting rid of the tree in my yard and making my yard safe again. I would have no second thoughts on hiring them again next time. ”

“A large branch fell on our garage and gladly missed the parked car. I contacted different local tree companies to get the mess cleaned up. However, among the five that I called, I only got one call back from Vanderbilt Tree Service. Their representative made sure I understand the process and assured me that the job would be taken care of immediately. After thirty minutes, their team came and cleared the mess. Fortunately, the cost was covered by my insurance provider, and I didn’t have to worry about it. They also helped me go through the claims process. Thumbs up to Vanderbilt Tree Service for their sense of urgency. ”

“I didn’t realize my tree had issues until a storm came. Unfortunately, one of the trees in our yard landed on our patio. Vanderbilt Tree Service responded quickly and got into the job right away. I didn’t regret getting their service because the moment I saw their equipment, I knew they mean serious business. I was also happy with the way they communicated and did not make me feel intimidated. After a few hours, the tree was gone, and they got rid of every trace of it. I am one satisfied client here, and I will surely recommend their service to those looking for emergency tree removal service. ”

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